A web designer and developer working at Bronco and based in Yorkshire, England. I create beautiful, functional and engaging online experiences and this is a little insight into me and my work.


Welcome to the website of Kean Richmond. This website is a dumping ground for my random thoughts as well as somewhere to bring together a little bit of the various different stuff I work on that usually get posted on the Bronco Portfolio, Dribbble and Flickr.

Kean Richmond

Just Me

I live in North Yorkshire, which is in the UK and I work as a Web Designer and Developer for a company called Bronco. Prior to working at Bronco I studied at University of Teesside where I got a nice bit of paper after 3 years studying and 1 year spent working at IBM.

This Website

I have a love hate relationship with this website, I always feel as I should give more to it than I do and when I do pay it some attention it’s usually to redesign it rather than update the blog. I started under another name whilst at University to act as a playground to try out new designs and as an online portfolio and CV. Now the domain is my own name and the site a reflection of my ability and expertise.


I used to have one of those pesky contact form’s and maybe, one day it will re-appear but for now the best way to get in touch with me is via Twitter, Dribbble or hello [at] kean [dot] me.

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