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I'm a full-stack web designer

It's another way of saying I design & develop websites


Jez Rose

Creating the third iteration of a clients website is a great compliment and a sign that the client trusts in the work we produce. But remixing a website again for a thrid time is a challenge. Luckily the focus of the company had evolved enough to set us on course for a more radical change to the design. This manifests itself through flashes of watercolour effects used to bring colour throughout the site.

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Thomas the Baker

With a website design built on a colour scheme that no longer matched their existing brand it was important to bring the website up to date to not only match their other marketing materials but to modern design standards. While the website incorporates an online shop it was important to balance this with content relating to the high street stores which represent the larger side of the business.

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1st Galaxy Fireworks

Having designed the previous iteration and making subsequent amends thereafter I was able to use this knowledge of the website and the client to correct a number of issues in the website. The main focus was on improving the design of the displays section, making the basket and delivery options more user friendly and breaking up the extensive content on the home page.

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