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A Web Designer’s Snow Day

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

As a Web Designer living in North Yorkshire I’ve been caught in the fantastic disruption caused by the overnight snow. After spending well over an hour trying to get to work, I finally gave up and headed home after travelling only a mile. I now have a day free, and have to find something to fill it.

Below are the things I thought I could do and thought I’d share:

Write a blog post

Many blogs have erratic postings usually dictated by when the blogs owner has some free time. Why not take the opportunity to add new content to your website, and possibly queue some up for the future. It’s a great way to keep in the correct frame of mind to return to work the next day.

Maintain your Website

If you own your own website(s) there is usually a list of things you have to do to maintain the website or changes you would like to make to improve it, but have never got round to it. It can be difficult to do such things after work because sometimes the last thing you want to do is start doing the same thing you have just finished doing all day. So why not take the opportunity on a free day to get all those things done that you’ve been putting off.

Do some Freelance work

If you carry out any freelance work on top of your normal job then why not take the time to put in some extra hours. The extra hours freelancing could allow you to catch up on work you’ve let slip, or free up some time in the future, or just mean more money from more time spent working.

Clean your computer

I don’t mean get out a duster, but if that’s your thing look to the next point. Unless you’re a super tidy person your computer can get very untidy with files dumped on the desktop or long lists of bookmarks most of which you hardly use. Why not take the time to give your computer a good clean through. Once you’re done it’ll make things easier to find and save time in the future.
How about your online persona? Do you have lots of accounts in social media sites that you never use? Why not give them a clean up too, it might lighten the amount of spam you receive.

Clean your office/house

Yes this is one of the most boring and time consuming tasks ever and few really like to clean when they can be doing something else. However unless you want to wade through inches of dust when you get up in the morning it’s something we all have to do. Giving your house or office space a bit of a clean will not only free up time later, hopefully for a time when you’re not house bound because of the snow but also give you a better state of mind when working in a clean environment.

Catch up on the little things

There’s loads of little things we let slip while we get our heads down working. It could be you’ve been putting off contacting a friend of catching up on twitter or your RSS feeds. You never know what interesting things you may be missing.

Go do an activity

Work can be very tiring and even though your free time is precious you come home and don’t feel like doing anything. You just want to relax. Why not go and have some fun and go do something that interests you. This could be taking photos of the snow or watching some DVD’s, whatever interests you the most.

Build a Snowman

Hell it’s a snow day so go and build a snowman, or have a snow fight. Snow always makes you feel like a kid again so why not give in to it and have some fun.

I’ve been working through some of the above (unfortunately not the snowman), what would you do to keep yourself amused?