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Another iPhone sold

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

A few weeks ago it came time to upgrade my contract phone and I bought an iPhone. At the time I was aware of some people’s issues with the phone as well as my own such as a lack of internal FM radio and basic camera. However when looking for a new phone that would allow me more use of the mobile Internet the iPhone with its free data and wi-fi package seemed the best option.

Almost instantly the iPhone has become an invaluable gadget. On a recent trip to London the phone not only helped me stay connected while in London but helped me navigate traffic when rushing for the train. Using the internet through the iPhone is superb with its PC like rendering of web pages. However a lack of the ability to open links in a new tab results in a lot of navigation back and forth.

I have always bought phones with the intention that they have multiple purposes as I make few actual phone calls. Previously I have used my phone as a mp3 and radio player. The iPhone’s lack of the latter was a possible deal breaker; however the added storage of the iPhone has allowed me to store my entire music collection on the phone. When I have required an FM radio I have used my old phone.

One aspect of the phone I was concerned with using was the touch keyboard, thankfully I have little issues with the feature and have been impressed with the phones ability to correct mis-spellings. The method of which the phone displays text conversations is also very useful as it displays the texts in a conversation style allowing you to remind yourself of what has been sent previously.

The app store is without doubt the best feature of the iPhone, where with most phones the availability of applications is limited and difficult to locate and install for various different phones. The iPhones app store is quick and easy to use and allows you to add a range of applications built to help aide, amuse and inform. The range of applications is immense and a surprising number of these are available free, although a lot of these are useless. In the time I have had the phone I have uninstalled as many applications as I have kept, most of these with the exception of Twitterrific and have been games.

Already I feel that the iPhone is the best phone I have ever owned and certainly fits most of the purposes I wish to have in a portable gadget, whilst both being well built and fantastically useable.