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Another year and another decade over

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

At this time of year everyone looks back over the past year reminiscing over the things they’ve achieved and the missed opportunities. Some even look over the past 10 years as we enter 2010. I was planning on doing the same but the edited highlights sort of went like this:

Left high school, went to college, then University where I spent a year at IBM in London. Pretty much all this time I worked at McDonald’s being the best damn burger flipper they had (although they don’t actually flip the burgers). After graduating I started working for Bronco as a Web Designer, last year I moved out of my parents, quit McDonalds and that takes me pretty much up to the present day.

I did start writing out everything that happened year by year but none of it seemed that interesting and to be honest I was editing out a few things because I don’t believe my blog is the right place to put some of the more depressing aspects of the last decade.

As a kid you imagine all the wonderful things you want to do and be as a grown up and suddenly at 25 life feels like it’s passed me by a little. So for next year I’m actually going to try out these new fangled New Year’s Resolution thingy’s I’ve heard so much about.

Supposedly you think of something to do over the next year and then do it for the first few weeks and give up. So it doesn’t feel like a chore I’m just planning on just making a change or doing something different each month in 2010. I want to try and push myself out of my comfort zone and make life a little more unexpected.

So bring on 2010.