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BBC need to do better

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

When this BBC article popped up again in my Twitter feed this morning I actually decided to take the time to read the article that I had earlier ignored assuming it would tred the same path may design blogs had already walked. Yet with the exception of a nice history lesson the article seemed both short and lacking depth.


Since the redesign of the BBC News site there does seem to be a move towards quantity over quality in their news output, yet this article annoys me more than most. The research that seems to have gone into the article seems almost none existent with the basis of the writers’ article being based on hearsay. Although the article flirts with the notion that Comic Sans is not fit for purpose in most cases it is used it does little to educate the reasons why or provide expert opinion in the matter.

An Audience

I question then who this article is aimed for. Is it meant for those in the design community who already know the situation with Comic Sans in much more detail than the article describes or is it for the masses whose use and knowledge of comic sans is such that the article either won’t be of interest or won’t have an impact on their future font choices?

Although I understand the article is in the Magazine section of the site and that it is designed to illicit some discussion I just can’t understand what other purpose the article has as it most certainly isn’t News as we would normally understand it.