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Buying into the unknown

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Why is it that conferences think its ok to sell tickets for a forthcoming event without naming any of the speakers or the schedule?

Sure the tickets are priced cheaply to sweeten the deal but I think it punishes those that have to justify the cost by knowing who is speaking and the subjects they will be speaking on.

By waiting these people, or their company, then have to pay full price when conference organisers eventually do publish a schedule.

Some might guess the conference that has led to this post but this practice seems to be the industry norm so I’ve got no issue with any one conference or its organisers.

Sure, some conferences can give you an idea of what the next event will be like based on the previous events but this is bullshit. Unless you attend conferences solely to network it’s the speakers and the topics they speak on that attract the greatest number of attendees and these change every time.

Instead I just think this a trend that needs to die off and instead conference organisers should simply reward those buying early for filling spaces quickly and not for buying into the unknown.