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CSS3 how long do we have to wait?

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Unfortunately time to post regularly has been hard to come by recently as I’m working flat out on the next version of this website. Also plans are afoot for a of a series of posts centered around a single subject, this will come as soon as a find a spare couple of hours to write it.

For this post I want to state my views on the growing hype around CSS3.

Firstly CSS3 looks awesome, and will very likely change the way sites look and how they are built. It’s a pity that we still have such a long wait till we get to play with it. At the moment the specifications are still being worked on, so until they are finished we don’t know exactly what we’re getting, but even when these are released we have more time to wait.

Even when a specification is published we must wait for the browsers to start supporting it, or at least their interpretations of it. When we do finally have a browser that allows us to play with the new toys we will still be waiting another couple of years as the browsers circulate through the general population. Unfortunately we as developers have little control over what browsers the audience will use and thus we must design to fit the greatest share of the audience possible.

CSS3 will provide a new world full of possibilities, but not for a long while yet. In the mean time we have to use the tools we have and try and find new and innovative ways of using them.