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Educating Your Clients – The Answer

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Through Twitter, Blogs and Conferences we’re constantly told that it’s our job to educate our clients; teach them how best to interact with our community to not only help ourselves but the clients and other webbies they may work with in the future.

Yet it’s not always so easy. The spoken word can be easily forgotten and sometimes external forces work against your best efforts to have both the time and situation to put your client in a hypothetical classroom.

But maybe Mr Boag has come up with the perfect solution to our woes, something that can educate the client in the early stages of a project without taking time away from the designer and minimal time for the client. Paul has created a small factsheet that he and the Headscape team will be using for their prospective clients and have been kind enough to provide it freely for others to use.

Will I be using it? To be truthful I’m not sure yet. The fact I can’t rebrand it is a little irksome but the major block is ensuring that this fit in with our own processes. Frequently I can have little contact with a client in the early stages and thus it would be the responsibility of another to send on this information.

So if I’m maybe not going to be able to use it why the blog post? I just really think it is an excellent way of presenting this information in as small and quick a way as possible and if you have the opportunity to use this or something similar then you really should.