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Firefox 3 actually Safari in disguise

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Currently I run Firefox as my primary browser at work. The reason for this is that it provides me with a balance of all the things I need as a web developer. These include code inspectors such as Firebug, add-on’s such as twitterfox and the web developer toolbar, as well as being a fairly standards compliant browser and occupying suitable share of the browser market.

Recently I have started to do more extensive browser testing, beyond just Internet Explorer and Firefox. Today this led me to a positioning problem in Safari, where by floated elements within a floated containing div would not appear on one single line, the containing div would not widen to accommodate all the child elements. This error only existed in Safari and after a few attempts at fixing it I gave up on the problem as it only occurred in Safari and did not destroy the usability of the website overall.

Upon viewing the website at home, where I use Firefox 3, the same positioning problem has occurred. Unfortunately making this a more significant issue and one I now need to fix. However more worrying is that my coding must be against the standards to break in both Safari and the new version of Firefox. A simple solution is to specify the width of the containing div, however that is not an option in this case. I’m usually an advocate of standards compliant coding, but this is one time where I really cannot understand why what I’ve coded is against the standards.