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Future of Web Design 2009: The Beginning

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Tomorrow I’ll be taking the forever long trip down the East Coast mainline from sunny Yorkshire to London for the Future of Web Design 2009 conference on Thursday.

Following last year’s conference I was straight in when it came to getting tickets for this year’s conference. Although this year I’m not attending the workshop day as I did last year I am massively looking forward to the conference day and the couple of extra days hanging around the capital.

What will make this year more enjoyable is that I’ve got my good friend Scott Mallinson tagging along for the ride. It’ll mean I have someone to remind me of the stuff I forget in the conference and someone to relieve the boredom in the quiet times when the conference isn’t on.

This year the conference appears to be lacking some of the names, subjects and personalities that last year did, but I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised and hopefully come away with the same wealth of new knowledge that I did last year.

Although I’ll not be live blogging the event I’m sure I’ll be twittering way too much and will blog my views of the conference similar to what I did last year after last year’s event.