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Google Remarketing messing with my design

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Other than feeling like you’re being stalked by your web history Google Remarketing has another annoyance that I’ve recently discovered.

When adding code which includes this script it will add and extra 13px of whte space at the bottom of your website.

As any designer will know if you have a full width, non-white footer on your site then an extra 13px of white underneath what is otherwise a colourful footer is a pain in the ass. A quick search shows little help on the matter so it comes down to trying to figure out a fix.

Firebug gives no help on this as it’s seemingly dead space with nothing contained within it. None of my CSS seems to be responsible so what am I supposed to do short of removing the script altogther? As it turns out it left only one solution:

Yes it’s a little hacky but I’m not letting Google mess with an otherwise awesome design and until someone can suggest a better alternative this is what I’m stuck with. Better still Google could fix their script.