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Guest writing at Onextrapixel

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

I’ve been keeping this one under wraps until it actually happened but today my first guest post on Onextrapixel was published. The article is titled Put Your eCommerce Checkout on a Diet Plan and talks about stripping back a website checkout to improve sales. I’m hoping people find it useful and informative as I really put in some work to make sure it was good enough.

Aidan at Onextrapixel approached me just before Christmas asking if I’ve be interested in writing for a site he helps run. Guest writing is something I was definately interested in but I had to make sure the time and effort would be worth it. As I’d come across Onextrapixel before I was pretty confident the site had a sizeable readership, but once I found it was part of the Smashing Network I was pretty much sold, and rather giddy at the prospect. It really has been a struggle to not tell people but I wanted to make sure it would be happening first and I only let slip to a close friend this past weekend.

The plan is to write more for Onextrapixel, hopefully an article a month should be possible if I can keep thinking of subjects to write about. I can then continue to write the odd smaller posts and rants here like I do currently.

That’s pretty much it so if you’d like to go have a read and if you want to leave a comment or tweet that would be massively appreciated.