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Heading to DIBI

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Although I’ve been to FOWD for the past three years the 2011 ticket prices just didn’t appear to be value for money with what seemed an aggressive price increase. Although for those three years I’ve been lucky enough for work to pay for me to attend the conference I thought I would maybe try out something different this year.

The reason FOWD seems to not be such value for money is that there are more reasonably priced conferences being launched that still appear to retain the same if not higher standards. The likes of DIBI and New Adventures in Web Design stand out. With such conferences costing much less than FOWD I thought it may be more beneficial to try a few smaller ones and see a wider range of speakers with different areas of expertise.

So this morning, after checking work would foot the cost, I signed up for DIBI 2011. The fact it is pretty local is what initially attracted me but with a decent level of speakers and the addition of Jeffery Zeldman as keynote speaker it appeared this would be the year to give this and possibly other conferences a go. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed and following the reaction last year’s conference received it should be good fun.