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Increasing Website Traffic

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Screenshot of website traffic

Now I have completed the final tweaks on the website it is time to try and increase the incoming traffic. As part of the website build I integrated a blog to help increase traffic by providing fresh content on a regular basis. I currently write on average two posts per week; however this alone is not enough to increase traffic in the short term. To help achieve an increase in traffic over a short time period I have to look into alternate methods of traffic generation.

At present the website receives a minimal number of visitors, this means more traditional and simple methods of promotion should result in a beneficial increase in overall traffic. To start with I have chosen is to submit the website to a number of CSS Galleries, the links that these sites provide should provide quality traffic and also assist in increasing the websites ranking in the search engines. I have chosen this method as my website suits the criteria set by these galleries and I feel it is of high enough quality to be approved.

The traffic from these galleries should result in a short term spike in traffic followed by levelling off of the traffic to levels above those being generated before the spike. The longer term traffic gains should be due to the link to my website moving from the galleries home page to an internal page and by a level of return visits generated by the initial spike; however this will be determined by the quality of the content on the website.

I am hoping the long term traffic levels will meet the targets I have set; after these have been met I can look into what is most effective method in increasing traffic further.