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iPhone 3G is coming

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

iPhone 3G

I’ve never really been an Apple fanboy but the new Apple announcements are usually rather interesting as they lead the way in portable electronics with both the iPod and iPhone. Today has come the turn of the iPhone 3G and from first impressions it appears Apple may very well take over the mobile handset market.

Obviously the main addition to the iPhone is the 3G capabilities, allowing for near Wi-Fi speeds with no loss in battery life over the 2G model. In fact the iPhone’s battery last longer in standby than its predecessor. Along with the 3G and enhanced GPS capabilities you’d be forgiven for thinking the iPhone will launch with a massive price tag. The reality is that the iPhone 3G 8GB model will launch at $199 with the 16GB white model coming in at $299. This actually makes the iPhone a cheaper option than the comparable iPod touches current price. This is a little confusing to say the least given the iPhone’s superior feature set.

Of course all this pricing applies to the US and it can be difficult to determine the UK pricing and how contract prices might adjust, but we won’t have long to wait as the iPhone 3G is set to launch in the 22 biggest markets (expect the UK to be one of them) on July 11th.

This all appears to present a product that can truly kill off the more standard mobile handsets available as the iPhone price appears much more comparable to other handsets available and if all this is true then I may just be looking at the iPhone 3G when my current contract runs out…