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Keeping your phone fed

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Ever had friends round and within 5 minutes they’re asking to borrow a charger? The answer is probably, yes.

We carry around devices that need more feeding than a new born baby, yet we often leave the means to feed them at home. It’s simply not practical to add charging cables to the multitude of other things we store in our pockets or handbags.

So with traditional cables far from perfect I’ve been trying out the Nomad Chargek. Will something that fits with the stuff currently occupying my pockets be helpful?

Some have wallets bursting with stuff and keys like a high school janitor. Yet the ChargeKey and ChargeCard fit easily into my wallet and keys adding no perceivable weight.

This means that even if I find myself without the need to use them for long periods it won’t feel like I’m carrying around something unnecessary.


I’ve used mine a few times already taking them places where I’d otherwise pack a charging cable.

The biggest issue is also the reason they’re so portable, and that’s the size. Often you might find your phone dangling as it charges. It’s not something you necessarily want to see but the ChargeKey and ChargeCard are both strong enough to take the weight and when you’re desperate for a charge you’ll accept Your phone dangling above the abyss.

Missing Piece

Another downfall of Nomads products are those situations where you have no USB ports, say at your grandparents or in a public location.

In these situation you’ll still want a three point plug with a USB port; and they’re not so easy to carry in a pocket.

But with USB becoming more ubiquitous I think we’ll find USB ports integrated into our wall sockets eventually. It’s just with USB 3.0 on the horizon we might have a longer than ideal wait for this development.

So are the Nomad products worth it?

I really think so. When the Lightning edition works out cheaper than buying the official Apple cable I don’t they could ever be deemed over-priced.

Charging cables always come in handy and we often have a huge number of the buggers around but with these there’s the added benefit that when you do visit a friend and need a charge you have the exact connector on you and you only need find a free USB port.