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Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Last FM Redesign

For the past few years have embodied web 2.0 in both function and design without ever being just another glossy wannabe. But now it seems the website is due for a redesign, and a radical one at that.

While navigating through the new SOFA website I came across mention of that drew my attention. It appears the guys at SOFA have been assisting in creating the new look and are proudly announcing it. The new beta site appears to be available for paying subscribers to the website, so we common people will have to wait. However there are some good screenshots available at flickr.

The new design reveals a clear change in the overall design of the website, gone are the pink and grey and in comes blue and white. The layout has also changed, seemingly to accommodate the navigation of an ever expanding website. The new design is certainly a far removal from the current incarnation, and other than the orange logo I think the design looks good, although I’ll reserve my final judgement until the design is launched.