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New Bronco and David Naylor Websites

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

After a few months of planning, designing and building we (that being Bronco) have finally launched the new Bronco and David Naylor websites and if it wasn’t for a recent holiday in Spain I’d be looking to get in some time off to rest. Launching your own website can always be a little stressful but even more so as in this case these websites are my responsibility so feel like my websites but then not quite.

As Senior Designer at Bronco it’s been my job to design our personal websites. These new sites would be the third Bronco and fourth David Naylor site I’ve designed and built while working for Bronco. Usually the sites get a bit of a facelift once a year, though usually at different points of the year so it’s easier to slot them in around client work. This year they both came together, the reason being our new branding.

The Bronco logo has remained the same since the company was formed, but Dave’s logo has changed with pretty much each new design. It was decided some consistency was needed so in came The Sharp Agency to help design us a top quality brand for Dave.

Why the help?

I’m a web designer and developer not a logo designer and though I do create some logo’s there is a difference when you really want something excellent. So it was important for this job to get the very best solution we could and bringing in a fresh perspective certainly helped.

Soon enough however the branding for Dave expanded to a rebranding of Bronco too. Rebranding is never an easy decision to make but if it was ever to happen it was better to do it sooner than later. So with the two new logos complete and looking awesome we’d just need to slot them into the websites, but where’s the fun in that?

So two new websites were called for…

With such close branding between the logos it only seemed natural to employ a consistent style between the Bronco and David Naylor sites. As the older of the two designs and as the parent company the Bronco website was stripped back, redesigned and fully recoded. In fact it changed programming languages so absolutely no code remains from the old site. For Dave’s site however, rather than rebuilding completely we just airbrushed the existing site with the new design, keeping what worked in the old design but making sure it all conformed to the new style decisions created for the Bronco site.

So now with the new websites launched it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour and just maybe these sites may outlive some of their predecessors and hang around for a few years to come.