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Rethinking how I use Flickr

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

When people talk of photographers they tend to fall in one of a few groups. You have those that are professionals in the craft, those who have all the equipment but no idea how to use it properly and the instagram set where filters are their ticket to awesome photos.

I’m most certainly not in the first group and probably see-saw between the other two. I like photography and I like taking photos but when it comes to the final shot it’s mainly luck when I end up with a decent photo. So I’m been trying to think of ways to improve and do so slowly rather than try and use filters as an instant fix.

Yesterday I used the sun as an excuse to go for a bit of a walk with my camera and see if I could get some nice shots. This is one of the results:

One of my big issues with my photos compared to pro shots always seems to be colour. I know a lot of professional photos these days are touched up and developed to improve the colour to make them more dramatic. When I’ve attempted this I usually go too far, I haven’t got the eye for knowing when enough is enough yet.

So unless the photo is naturally rich in colour I think I’m going to stick with black and white for a while. I’m hoping it will allow me to concentrate more on the subject of the photo.

It’s for this reason why I’m going to limit myself to only uploading one photo at a time. I’ve seen other people do this to great effect. Usually I’ll upload a group of photos from a particular trip and use Flickr as online storage rather than a portfolio. So I’ll upload multiple similar shots devaluing the impact of them singularly. By limiting myself I can concentrate on quality over quantity.