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The largest blog ever

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

History is made today as I have declared my blog the largest to have ever existed. But what evidence am I using to back up this ever so bold statement?

Absolutely nothing

I know what you’re thinking, he can’t just decide he’s got the largest blog ever without justifying this with some cold hard facts and you’d be right. I would have to supply some kind of data to prove such a claim. This could be in the form of traffic figures or maybe it’s something stupid like my site has the most amount of code ever. This seems stupid right? Yet so many websites use such bold claims regularly without anyone seeming to question their lack of humility, or the basis for their claims.

So many sites use such matter of fact terms such as ‘the largest’ or ‘the best’ to promote themselves as the industry leader in order to attract new work. Instead these companies or individuals should tone down the arrogance a little. Claiming to be ‘one of’ the best provides a way to promote yourself as an industry leader but is a little more humble and also accepts that you might not be the best if one does actually exist. It’s a fine line between showing confidence and being cocky.

In certain industries there will always be the situation where you are the best. Google for instance could possibly back up such a claim, but as a web designer it would never be the case that I or anyone else for that matter could be seen as the best in our industry. It’s all down to finding a balance when it comes to marketing yourself.

If you find a site where I’ve ever done this then read this blog as do as I rant not as I do 😛