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To design or not to design

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

In the last few weeks I’ve been getting that itch that a lot of website designers get to redesign my own website. It was back in May 2008 that I last redesigned my website, creating something I was finally pleased with as pretty much all previous versions of the website had problems in design, content and construction.

Unlike every previous time I’ve wanted to redesign I’m actually still pretty happy with what I have; it works in the most part and still looks good. For this reason I don’t want to throw everything out and completely redesign the site but I do want to make some changes and streamline some of the site. Some might say I want to realign the site, although what I have in mind may sit somewhere between the two.

All this came to a head with my sketching out a few ideas which I’m planning on digitising. But not feeling rushed into rolling out a new site I want to make sure that the ideas I have for the site will add value and result in an improved end product as an opposite result for the sake of curing an itch is not my plan.

This is where any and all advice would come in helpful. As much as the artist designer in me hates criticism (not the best situation but I’m working on it) I want to make sure that the changes I make are positive ones. So if you’re a regular on the site or a passer-by please add your comments below and let me know if you think the site is best left as it is, or what I should change/ add to make the site better when redesigning it.