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Website: Floor Heating Online

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Early this year we were approached by the guys behind Floor Heating Online who are specialists in Underfloor Heating to design, build and optimise their website. A couple of weeks ago the site went live.

From a design stand point the website provided little room for experimentation or innovation but then for heating products you don’t need this. These products are not luxury items or impulse buys so when someone visits the website they need to be able to find and buy a product as quickly and simply as possible. To ensure the website does this we removed the need to register in order to buy, simplified the navigation and rebuilt the Room Selector present on the old website.

Not only did we do this but we removed a lot of the non product content from the main website to This way the main site was focused solely on the products but the content was still available and linked to from the new Information bar at the head of the website.

The final website is a clean and simple website that ensures users can access products quickly as well as clearly highlight offers and promotions. But most of all the team behind the website are happy with the final product, having trusted us to provide them with a system that best serves theirs and their users needs.

Since the website went live the guys have paid us the ultimate compliment and recommended us to other companies as the place to go for their new website. Our business is driven by referrals so pleasing our customers is our main goal, beaten only by ensuring the best experience for the websites users.