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Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Welcome to transfusion. This is the second time I have written this first blog post, the first time was in preparation for the launch of this blog as a greater advancement over my previous site, to include a wider range of content. However things haven’t quite gone to plan.

The form that this site takes has been in development for about 6 months if not more. The long time-frame for such little outcome is due to having to fit it around a job, socialising and relaxing, and then there’s the times I just couldn’t be bothered. However the development got a kick start when I registered for the FOWD London Conference. I felt that I couldn’t go and have the possibility of people asking me about my website and having my previous site to show when it does not reflect my abilities.

It’s because of this and some issues with wordpress that this site is live without being finished. I had hoped to have everything finished and looking and working fantastically before the site went live, but that hasn’t happened. As I was building this site I had a specific view of how I could integrate my content with the blog without needing the wordpress CMS to control all the content and thus losing an amount of control myself. The method I went for has failed and thus I feel that I need to go back to the drawing board and work out how to get what I want out of WordPress. This would be okay if it wasn’t for my sites previous design still being very much alive.

One option I considered was to remove the old site and build a coming soon page that could see me through till such a time that the site could go live. This would of worked but recently knowing I had a blog launching has made me think more about what I could talk about, alot of this stuff I have missed out on so waiting even longer seemed too hard to do. So I have taken a copy of what I had and then proceeded to remove any code I didn’t need or that led to parts of the site not yet completed.

So in the mean time here is my blog, I’ll use it to talk about things I think are interesting, have challenged me at work and the projects I have worked on. Enjoy!

Kean Richmond