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What to do with my blog

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Here I am trying to write any old guff because it’s been over 3 months since I last wrote a blog post. The reason for the delay is a mass mixture of other commitments such as writing for other blogs, having a social life and lacking the time or inclination to be writing yet another post.

It would help if I could feel as if I could knock up a post in 20-30 mins but I try to get the post perfect, rewriting it a few times as if hundreds were going to be reading it (they don’t). A lack of decent stuff to write about also causes issues, with any truly awesome idea reserved for posting on other larger websites design websites. These posts take even longer to write and thus swallow any time I would realistically wish to spend writing for anyone.

I could start to write shorter posts, linking off to things I find interesting but then I have twitter for that, and I think more people follow me there than check in on my blog. Though linking to a new post on twitter is something I also do. I tend to post about things where I feel I have an opinion to add and only stuff within the space of the web or design. If adding smaller posts were easier than switching on a slow booting pc or could be done more often whilst at work then I may blog more but instead I leave it till a better time, by which the time or thought has passed. Maybe this could be the excuse for getting an iPad (if only Windows 8 would release on a tablet then I could make an informed decision).

I keep wondering if a redesign would provide some ideas of how to refocus my website into something I would find easier to post on more regularly but after appearing in the Smashing Book 2 I’ve been hesitant to change my site too much and come up with a design that appears less than its predecessor. There’s no point having a site that’s held up as a good design to only change it and make it shit.

For now the blog will probably remain as is, the short rant is over and I’ll give some more thought to it when this post is 3 months old.