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When is Mother’s Day?

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

When is Mothers Day Image

So I’ve been sat on this project for a few months now, with all sorts of important and pointless activities distracting me from launching these sites. This did however mean I didn’t rush the projects to launch and find myself with two broken websites that quickly needed putting right (although that may yet happen).

The sites are When is Mother’s Day and When is Father’s Day

What do they do?

Not alot. Truthfully I don’t know how useful these sites may or may not be but I did see the opportunity to design and build a couple of sites that served a single purpose in the best way possible. When coming up with the idea there appeared to be nothing that presented the information so directly that the user would find the information they were looking for even before they had to look around the page.

But there was a problem

Not only does the date that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fall on move each year but it’s also different for a lot of countries. To solve this issue the simple little website had to be beefed up behind the baby blues and pinks.

An IP database was added to the website so that a user’s location could be determined upon visiting the website. This then allows the correct date to be displayed for the location of the user. Then for the foreseen and unforeseen issues with such automated technology there’s also a country select box so that simple user selection is possible.


There is really little to say about the design. I wanted something that looked well designed and suited the limited content but with space for elements like some content and ads.

I wanted to makes sure that the website was a usable experience so a few JavaScript niceties were thrown in as well as Cufon for font replacement and some CSS3 which included my new hobby of putting border-radius into everything.

Here’s hoping

Hopefully the sites will see a bit of traffic and maybe generate revenue but even if they don’t it was good to work on a project without a client which isn’t my own website either.

Now all this is done I hope I can now get back to writing blog posts a little more often than late as well as get back to the redesign of this website that’s been slowly simmering in a Photoshop file for a while.