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A bit of a round up

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

As my review of the year/decade wasn’t really up to much I thought I try again, but do something a little different. So rather than a roundup of my life it’s going to be a roundup of my blog. I can’t promise that any of this information is going to be of use to anyone but it keeps the blog ticking over with regular articles and to be honest my mind is a little preoccupied with another article that I’ll fill you in on sometime soon. So here goes with some fun info.

The Numbers

The Big Ones

Since I first put Google Analytics on my site on the 27th May 2007, which should be around the time I turned the site into a blog I have had 15,514 visits of which 73.93% have been new visitors and the site has had 35,567 page views.

Where It’s All Coming From

Most of the sites traffic comes from the UK and USA with these countries representing a third of all traffic. The other big countries tend to be either in Europe or India. Some countries I’ve never had traffic from include Greenland, Mongolia, Libya and Madagascar. Antarctica is probably somewhere in that list but Google Analytics don’t seem to show them for some reason.

The Browser Wars

On the browser front 64.15% of visitors are using Firefox, 12.99% Safari, 10.54% IE, 7.25% Chrome and 3.94% Opera. So luckily for me it seems most visitors are technically minded with a better browser than IE. On the other end of the scale I’ve had one visit from IE with Chrome Frame (that working out well for you Google?), one from the Playstation 3 and 5 from Opera Mini. I’m not sure how the iPhone fits in but I’m assuming it’s somewhere in the Safari numbers.

Traffic Sources

Last and probably least is the traffic sources. 70.66% comes from other sites, 17.33% is direct traffic while only 12.01% is from search engines. These figures have pretty much been swayed by the CSS Galleries a few months back with my highest individual referrer being cssmania followed by abduzeedo. For the search engines it’s good to know that I rank for my name with 138 visits from my own name. The rest seem to be rather long tail such as “import wordpress file bigger than 7mb “, but there are 9 visits for just “kean” which I like the idea of ranking just for my forename.

The Posts

5 most visited blog posts

My 5 Favourite Posts

My favourite posts don’t exactly equate to the highest traffic ones, so here’s my top five:

That’s It

Well there it is a bit of an overview of the background working’s of my blog. It’s definitely something I enjoy doing and hopefully people enjoy looking around my site and reading the crap I manage to think is blog worthy. So with that done let’s get cracking on 2010.