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Another Year, Another Design

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

Here it is. It’s a little different than the design I was showing off a few months back. I actually had started to build that design but something happened and I just didn’t love it anymore, so had to start again.

The dark design was a little overly complex and I wanted something simpler, taking the site essentially back to the basics. I don’t do much freelance work so the site doesn’t have to sell me or what I do so all I need the site to do is quickly who I am, what I do and show the portfolio and blog.

The Design

Unlike the black design I had before I decide to go back to the previous design and start from there. I kept the cream colour scheme but dropped the purple in favour of a blue/green colour. I wanted to use softer more pastel tones and the lighter purple just didn’t look right.

I also colour coordinated the main sections of the site, this was borne from the colour coded navigation and seemed like a good idea to echo through the rest of the site. Also the font’s changed, although I’m still using @font-face for headings I’ve changed from Vegur to Nevis and used the font for the logo rather than use an image.

The rest of the design has a sprinkling of CSS3 elements such as box-shadow, border-radius and rgba throughout. It’s not yet using any of the more experimental ones as so far many are only supported by webkit and I tend to be of the opinion that if it’s not in Firefox and Opera also it’s not worth the time and effort.


When it came to browser testing it went fairly smoothly. Some of the CSS3 stuff needed suitable fall backs for IE8 & 7 but when it came to IE6 it just looked like a bomb had hit it. I considered fixing the site for those 1% of visitors, that was until I thought screw ’em and used the Universal IE6 stylesheet.

That’s pretty much it without boring you as to the fact that Opera and Safari don’t like percentages on border-radius or that it would be a massive help if IE supported nth-child.

As the sites just launched there might be some issues so if you find any please let me know via the comments or if you just want to say you like or dislike the new design then add a comment too.