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Something new for 2012

Careful! This post is looking a little old and could be inaccurate in many, many ways

So here’s a somewhat new design for my website, which took a couple of times to get right but is something I’m happy with for now.

To be honest the design isn’t my favourite, which I know it should be given that this is my site and should reflect the best of my ability. That said however, I had changes I really wanted to make to the site and really not enough time to get everything 100% right.

The reasons for the update were ideally to bring in a few newer bits of information like my Dribbble feed and also highlight the guest articles I do for Onextrapixel and Six Revisions. Also while redeveloping the site it had to be built in HTML5 and be made responsive given these are the new buzzwords of the industry and something not found in the last version of this site.

Part of me still thinks this is a bad idea given the reception the previous design got, the highlight being featured in Smashing Book 2. As to not bin it completely I do link to a imager of the design from the homepage and also here. I considered creating a so the code remained also but frankly the amount of work involved in doing that goes against the idea of doing this all quickly. Quick is an even greater concern as I have a presentation to get created as well as a few other niceities in the pipeline 🙂

One thing to mention is this is wildly under tested and under optimised but I thought I could fix those once live. Also I’m frankly ignore anything lower than IE8 because they’re old and no one coming to my site for anything it actually offers should be using old browsers.

So enjoy, feel free to leave comments or bugs and when I get the itch to redesign again hopefully I’ll have loads of time to really come up with something that’s a new level of awesomeness.